Starting The Keto Diet – My Personal Thoughts

Do you know what Keto diet is? Do you know why you need it in your body? Well, read this article to find out and il share my thoughts.

Keto diet is rising in popularity nowadays for several reasons. If you want to lose weight, improve your blood sugar level, and improve the health of your brain, you can be sure that the Keto diet can help you with that.

So, before I discuss more Keto diet, it is vital to know what it is, and why it is effective. If we all understand what it is and how it plays a vital role in our health, it will help us to start using it immediately. So, this article will explain the following;

What is a keto diet

It is a diet that consists of low or moderate protein, high-fat content, and low carb. But the most important thing isn’t knowing the definition but, you need to know what all these means. If you want to know if you’re on a keto diet is when you restrict carbs and enter into ketosis. Ketosis is a state at which your body burns high fuel that is well known as Ketones. To produce ketones, your body must trigger the liver in a process known as the Ketogenesis so that it can enter into Ketosis. So, the best way is to limit the carb consumption. That’s why this low carb diet is known as the Ketogenic diet.

Why does it work

There are two reasons behind the success of the Keto diet.
– It’s a highly satiating diet- This means that it allows you to take highly satiating food. Tit makes you feel full the whole day. The reduction in calory consumption leads to weight loss and can be beneficial to those with type 2 diabetes
– Increase the use of ketone- Ketone provide us with energy, but they can’t be produced unless we limit sugar in our body. Buring ketones for fuel can result in positive effects such as boost energy level, brain health enhancement, reduction in appetite, etc.

How to start the diet

There are three steps to start the diet;
– Eat the right food
This includes;
– Meat- beef, fish, poultry, lamb, eggs, etc.
– Low carb vegetables- kale, spinach, and broccoli, etc.
– Nuts and seeds- walnuts, macadamias, sunflower, etc.
– Sweeteners- erythritol, stevia, monk fruit, etc
– High-fat dairy- Butter, hard cheeses and cream, etc.
– Avocado and berries- Blackberries and raspberries, etc.

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Eat the right amount of food

You should eat the right amount of food if you’re trying to lose weight. If keto diet isn’t working for you, you should consider eating the right amount of food. You need to understand that if you eat few calories, we lose weight and if we consume a lot of calories, we gain weight.
– Prepare for the keto flu
How should you prepare for keto flu? Well, you should drink more water, Eat more fat, increase your potassium, sodium and magnesium intake.

How long should you follow the diet

You should not use a keto diet for a long time. Probably, not longer than a year. If you want to use it for a long time, then here are the conditions;
– If you’re healthy and following the right amount of diet
– If you’re able to achieve a healthy weight loss
– When maintaining your keto lifestyle without changing the quality of your life.

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